Sunday, March 9, 2014

First light

This blog will document the assembly and programming of a near-Infrared camera using the Raspberry Pi and the PinoIR camera module. Above are some photos from the first light session, using the blue filter to cut visible light out of the red and green channels (left) and full-spectrum on the right.

The items needed to complete the project are laid out here:

Raspberry Pi model A with SD card
On hand
Camera module
On hand, verified functional
Not sourced
Prototyping breakout board and cable
On hand
Shortened Camera Cable
Sketch design
Camera enclosure and lens pinwheel
Designed, printed and delivered, verified working
Camera filters
Blue filter verified, IR and visible filter to be sourced
Shutter release, mode dial, power switch
Not sourced
Not started
Wifi dongle
On hand
Tripod quick release
On hand

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